Confession Hour

Faith Choyce is joined in the booth by comedian, writer, and actor friends to discuss what’s new in their world…plus a couple of deep dark secrets.

Put Your Hands Together

Excellent sets from Bobcat Goldthwait, Asif Ali, Allen Strickland Williams, The Puterbaugh Sisters, Faith Choyce, and your hosts Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher.

Unsafe Space

Our August show featured great standup and a lively (and sometimes heated) discussion with Dr. Anna Arrowsmith (gender academic and porn director), Amy Alkon (host/writer of Advice Goddess and author of “Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck“), and comedians Faith Choyce, (“One of America’s Funniest Lesbians” by Curve magazine) and Laura Crawford (writer for Ranker.com, BuzzFeed and others).

Brock Party

Comedian Sunah Bilsted, Comedian Faith Choyce, and Nerdist Social Media Manager Michelle Buchman sit down with Brock Wilbur and Albro Lundy to discuss Lady Carpenters, Stripper Lyft, Idea Theft, B Lists, Man Thoughts, Stealing Phones, Unicorn Employment, Beach Firings, Room Problems, Cuban Hecklers, C Words, and so much more. Music from the new Of Montreal live album that is very, very good.

The Klee & Ed Show

Faith Choyce joins Klee Wiggins and Ed Greer to chat about The Terminator, favorite robots, why The Big Lebowski sucks, and more. Listen on iTunes for free here.